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Label, Badges & Divider


[zt_columns] [zt_column md="6"] [/zt_column] [zt_column md="6"]

Zo2 Shortcode Label, Badges & Divider


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[zt_label type=""]Label Default[/zt_label] [zt_label type="primary"]Label Primary[/zt_label] [zt_label type="success"]Label Success[/zt_label] [zt_label type="info"]Label Info[/zt_label] [zt_label type="warning"]Label Warning[/zt_label] [zt_label type="danger"]Label Danger[/zt_label] [/zt_column] [/zt_columns]


[zt_columns] [zt_column md="12"]

Shortcode Divider


[zt_divider type="hr"][/zt_divider] [zt_divider type="thin"][/zt_divider] [zt_divider type="fat"][/zt_divider] [zt_divider type="dotted"][/zt_divider] [zt_divider type="text-only" text="Go to top"][/zt_divider] [zt_divider type="icon-type-1" icon="fa fa-arrow-circle-up"][/zt_divider] [zt_divider type="icon-type-2" text="Go to top" icon="fa fa-chevron-up"][/zt_divider] [/zt_column] [/zt_columns]

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